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    Grab a cup of coffee, tea, or some peanut m&m's (oh, is that just me?) and settle in. This is the Crowned Experience.

    Birth cinematography has become my absolute passion. I have been given the honor of capturing and piecing together many truly miraculous birth stories. A birth film is something beautiful not only for yourself to see the whole day unfold from a different perspective, but these memories are preserved for you to share with friends & family, and hopefully even your child someday. How amazing would it be for you to see a beautiful video of the day YOU were born?

    I am in awe every time I get to witness the moment each family sees their new baby for the first time. To see them take their first breaths, cry their first cry, and settle in sweetly on their mother's chest. You can never get those moments back.

    Serving Los Angeles & Orange County, California.

At last | Seattle, WA Birth Photographer


I feel like this dream has been years in the making, and I still can’t believe it is coming true. I can hardly sleep at night, I’m skipping meals & showers (sorry, it’s true- I’ll shower before I come to your birth though!) and my brain is running a million miles an hour from the excitement of it all! I’ve finally made the decision to rebrand and solely focus on birth photography. This is where my true passion is, to capture these once-in-a-lifetime moments & create a unique “time capsule” of a child’s birth-day. I invite you to step into my world, and see the beautiful faces & lives represented here as I delve into this adventure further. I hope you leave with a deeper sense of God’s love for you & the unborn children of His world, and a desire to return to see more. And so it begins!!

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