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    Birth cinematography has become my absolute passion. I have been given the honor of capturing and piecing together many truly miraculous birth stories. A birth film is something beautiful not only for yourself to see the whole day unfold from a different perspective, but these memories are preserved for you to share with friends & family, and hopefully even your child someday. How amazing would it be for you to see a beautiful video of the day YOU were born?

    I am in awe every time I get to witness the moment each family sees their new baby for the first time. To see them take their first breaths, cry their first cry, and settle in sweetly on their mother's chest. You can never get those moments back.

    Serving Los Angeles & Orange County, California.

Why hire a birth photographer? | Los Angeles birth photography


Reason #86 why you hire a PROFESSIONAL birth photographer.

Even if you have a great camera and a killer lens, AND you know how to shoot in manual, you still usually end up with awful lighting in the birth room.

A professional not only has the experience and knowledge to shoot the best picture to begin with,
but has invested the money and countless hours learning how to edit your photos so that they simply enhance the beauty of the day exactly as you remember it.
(And ask most moms- they don’t usually even remember much of it. Reason #1 to hire a professional birth photographer. 😉 )

Denver, CO Birth Photographer | Denver, CO Birth Videographer


The story of Brooks Michael | Seattle, WA Birth Photographer & Videographer


I am so excited to share this little man’s story with you, even though it is sadly the first (and hopefully only!) birth I have missed.

We have known Vance and Mandy for a couple years now, and Mandy and I were pregnant together in 2011-2012, her with her son Ryan and I with my daughter Tessah.

Mandy delivered Brooks 3 weeks early, while I was in Oregon just about to be the maid of honor in my best friend’s wedding AND Vance was out of town on business! But we had taken their maternity photos, recorded them reading letters to baby Brooks, and then took newborn photos when I got back into town.
I also had the sweet privilege of capturing Mandy’s parents with their first and only grandchild, other than their step-grandaughter Emma, (Brooks’ half-sister.)
And even though I was incredibly disappointed not to be able to capture the birth of Brooks’, they gave me the photos they snapped in the hospital when he was born and during their stay. (The birth happened so fast that there was no possibility of my backup making it there either.)
This video turned out quite different from what I had expected it to be, but I actually believe it turned out to be perfect for them.

PLEASE read Brooks’ birth story below written by his mother Mandy before watching their video.

**trigger warning**
This video contains photos of Vance & Mandy’s first son who passed away in utero.

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Melissa Ter Meer - Completely at a loss for words, your work is so breath taking, and inspiring. Thank you do sharing <3

Laura - Thank you Melissa!

Heather Puett - Wow! The most touching birth story I have ever read. The video is truly such an amazing documentation of this little ones beginning. So beautiful!

Big dreams | Seattle, WA Birth Photographer & Videographer


A really big dream is coming true for me right now.

For over two years now I have become more obsessed with capturing birth. It all started when I was pregnant, and through preparing for my own birth and having three sisters, a cousin & several close friends who all gave birth about the same time, I dove into exploring what a miracle this process really was.

Fast forward to April 2013.

I rebranded, rebuilt, relaunched, and have been overwhelmed with the incredible response.

I have big dreams for this business. Not only do I love it more than I thought possible, but I think it is SO important.
Giving women & their families beauty out of what many people sadly believe to be a horrendous experience, that you “just have to suffer through.”
Giving them something that may help them to realize that birth is so much more than that.
Giving them this treasure that captures entirely a day that otherwise would have been lost in a fog of pain and exhaustion.
Giving them photos that can bring about healing.
Giving them moments frozen in time that their children will be able to look back on and see just how much they were loved from the very beginning, whether through blood or adoption.

But I am learning that with all big dreams, I have to let go of smaller dreams.

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Bailey - Congratulations….this. is. awesome.

Heather Puett - Good for you for doing what’s best for you and your family. I struggle with balance daily and this blog post was very helpful. I hope to some day be at a place where I can let go of some things and just focus on others.

Palmer June’s birth-day | Seattle, WA Birth Photographer & Videographer


I fell in love with this sweet, beautiful family the first time we met.

3 babies in 3 years? No sweat for these two! It also doesn’t hurt that they make pretty.cute.kids.

This was the most lovely experience, working alongside two incredible, capable midwives (Nedra & Melissa) and their doula Misty (Divine Doula). What a peaceful, loving home this baby was born into on August 1st, 2013. This family chose not to find out their baby’s gender, and waited until their kids came in to meet their new sibling to find out together.
I hope you love reliving the day Palmer came earthside just as much as I have while piecing their story together.

Please click on “View full post” below to read the birth story before watching their video.

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melissa Ter Meer - This was so absolutely beautiful you did an amazing job so inspirational! Gorgeous family congrats to them!

Lea - AMAZING. Breathtakingly wonderfully amazing. All families should have these moments captured like this.

crystal turner - I haven’t had a chance to watch the video yet, but the photos are gorgeous. And it’s like Momma knew exactly where to sit in the tub to get such amazing light on her face after the delivery 😉

Congratulations to them, so sweet!

Erika - This is an absolutely beautiful birth video. I have watched countless birth videos and this is one of my favorite’s that I’ve seen so far! Thank you for sharing it with us!

Lydia - This is such a gorgeous vid, I cry every time I see it. What is the aloha song you have playing? It’s lovely

Brandi Giauque - Aaron just shared your beautiful story with me and as I’m sitting here watching, crying my eyes out, I remember the births of my two daughters (16 and 13 now). Thank you. Thank you for sharing it with me and thank you for taking me back 16 and 13 years ago when I held my babies for the first time. Such an amazing magical time! It keeps getting better as they grow older but it’s nice to go back. <3
Wish you all the very best always!

Tyler Anthony’s Love Story | Seattle, WA Adoption Photographer


I have been so blessed by this sweet couple and their story of welcoming Tyler into their forever family.

Getting to experience first-hand how much love was surrounding this little boy the day he was born melted me completely. Meeting his birth mother, who showed the greatest strength & love by choosing life for him… watching his new parents weep as they met their son for the first time…. then capturing moments of all of them surrounding him with love, laughing together and marveling at this perfect little boy.  His birth brought so much joy into this world, and I am so thankful to have been included in their love story, in just this small way.

Please click on “View full post” below to read the letter written by Mike & Kelly before watching their video, and make sure you have some tissues nearby.

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Linda & Dave Punch - WOW!! thanks for sharing your beautiful story and pictures of your son. Tyler is so handsome. He will fit in with the rest of the Hronick males.!! We are so thankful that prayers were answered for J, Tyler and your family. God is good!! Hugs to all.

Carolyn McHardy - This video is incredibly beautiful–thank you so much for sharing it! God has so wondrously blessed all of you–Mike, Kelly, “J” and especially little Tyler–because of your hearts being wide open to accept His gift of love and life! As Linda Punch said, we are so happy for the way everyone’s prayers have been answered, and that Tyler is so strong and healthy. There is no other joy like this!!

Holly - Wish you lived in California =)

Rita McEntire - This was truly the most touching adoption/birth story I have ever witnessed, possibly the most touching story I have ever witnessed….I am still crying….thank you for doing what you do, you are a truly amazing, gifted photographer. You were born to do what you do.

Traci Smith - I have watched this video countless times and cry every time. As an adoptive family in waiting, it gives me hope. As friends of Kelly and Mike, it brings me so much joy. Thank you for a beautiful, priceless glimpse into their incredible day when they met their son.

Laura - That may possibly be in our near future…. stay tuned!

Jacki - I just wept watching this! What an incredible story!

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