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    Birth cinematography has become my absolute passion. I have been given the honor of capturing and piecing together many truly miraculous birth stories. A birth film is something beautiful not only for yourself to see the whole day unfold from a different perspective, but these memories are preserved for you to share with friends & family, and hopefully even your child someday. How amazing would it be for you to see a beautiful video of the day YOU were born?

    I am in awe every time I get to witness the moment each family sees their new baby for the first time. To see them take their first breaths, cry their first cry, and settle in sweetly on their mother's chest. You can never get those moments back.

    Serving Los Angeles & Orange County, California.

Kyleigh Marie’s Birth-Day | Seattle, WA Birth Photographer & Videographer


Oh my, what an adventure this was!

Please click on “View full post” below to read the Bonn family’s birth story below before watching their video.
Note: client slideshows are not designed primarily for marketing purposes- they are long because it captures the entire experience for each family, and each moment included in their slideshow was chosen for a reason.
{This video is completely modest.}

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Sissy - – These are so sweet. I’ve been hunting for ideas for a 4month old seosisn I have tomorrow and came across your site. I so love the one of her grabbing her toes!

Kynlee’s One Year Photos | Seattle Baby Photographer


I have had the amazing blessing of photographing this beautiful girl since she was a newborn! She is so full of smiles, spunk & sass! She is turning ONE in just a couple weeks, I can’t believe this year has gone by so fast!

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Great Aunt Spidee - Kynlee and Amber are beautiful. The photos are terrific! I can’t wait to meet Kynlee someday. Fantastic! Happy Birthday!

My own birth story | Seattle, WA Birth Photographer


So this is pretty crazy. But I figured, if I’m gonna expect you to invite me into the most personal, intimate experience of YOUR life, I should share with you MINE! A little nervewracking for me, since I’m being very open & detailed about the birth of my daughter, Tessah, AND we didn’t have a professional photographer (just my mom with my Rebel T2i) to take photos in flattering ways or capture the best facial expressions (note: the photo when I’m first holding my daughter, I look scared to death! I’m sure I smiled soon after that, but my mom didn’t know to how to get a good shot like that… ;)) but all the more reason for you to see them. What a difference having a professional take your photos & video can make in how you remember that day! We will ABSOLUTELY be hiring a photographer for our next birth.

This will also give you some insight into who I am as a mother, and why I care so passionately about birth photography. So without further ado, here is my birth story, originally written for my personal blog.
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Natalia Walth - Yay to go mom!

We share similar stories, I did not have a professional birth photographer with my first. But with my second I was adamant I would have a birth photographer or that baby wasn’t coming out 😉 My experience made me fall so much more in love with what I do for a living.

Beautiful birth story!!

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