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 I am a follower of Christ, a wife, a mother, and a storyteller.
I am a full time mom, and currently a part time birth photographer, filmmaker, and birth photography mentor.

I have the heart of a doula, but the eye of a photographer.
I love working alongside gifted doulas, and stepping in to assist when needed, but my job is to hang out in the corner & simply document your story.

I will never, ever (like, ever) turn down chocolate.
I’m a little bit “crunchy.”
I have 7 beautiful nieces, 2 handsome nephews, and two daughters of my own.
My oldest daughter, along with three of her cousins, were all born within 8 months of each other in 2011/2012.

I have done portrait photography since 2009, but after having my own child, and starting to photograph other families’ births, I realized that that is where my true passion lies. I thought about our wedding photos & video, (that we paid thousands on,) and while I do not regret the amount we paid for them or who we hired, I wished that we had hired a professional to document truly the most miraculous day of our lives when my first daughter was born in 2012.
We were thrilled to hire BOTH a photographer and videographer for our second daughter’s birth in 2015.

I am beyond inspired by the miracle of pregnancy & birth, and I am so honored when I am chosen to share in the very first moments of a new baby’s life.
I feel like I get to physically see the hand of God each time a baby is born.

Currently serving the Los Angeles area.

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Oregon Birth Photographer & Birth Videographer | Serving the Portland metro area

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