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I have been so blessed by this sweet couple and their story of welcoming Tyler into their forever family.

Getting to experience first-hand how much love was surrounding this little boy the day he was born melted me completely. Meeting his birth mother, who showed the greatest strength & love by choosing life for him… watching his new parents weep as they met their son for the first time…. then capturing moments of all of them surrounding him with love, laughing together and marveling at this perfect little boy.  His birth brought so much joy into this world, and I am so thankful to have been included in their love story, in just this small way.

Please click on “View full post” below to read the letter written by Mike & Kelly before watching their video, and make sure you have some tissues nearby.

We have been told many times that each adoption is a “love story”.  Just like no two pregnancies are the same, neither are two adoption stories.  Ours is most definitely a love story.  It is difficult, emotional, and ultimately miraculous.  For those who have not adopted a son or daughter, we can assure you that the news, whether phrased as “you’ve been matched” or “you’re pregnant”, has the same impact. On May 19th 2013, when we heard those words, we handled it much the same way too – with tears, smiles, fear, joy, and every other reaction that you can imagine. Before leaving the meeting with our agency that night, we had already spoken with “J”, Ty’s biological mother, for the first time (more tears) and scheduled a meeting with her for the following day.

Our meeting with Tyler’s biological mother set the tone for the next few weeks. We had an amazing connection with her. Kelly and I both felt an overwhelming sense of respect for this young lady.  Her selflessness and love for Tyler was apparent from the first conversation. J and her family shared with us the story of her pregnancy from the very early stages. It was a difficult story to hear. We were told that Tyler had a very serious problem, which had to be monitored on a weekly basis.  At one point termination of the pregnancy was even discussed by a doctor. However, instead J religiously attended her appointments and endured many tests and procedures.

During this time something happened. Tyler started to improve. He began to slowly turn the odds upside down. By the time we found out about him, he was actually doing very well and, though the doctors were still concerned about some possible long-term medical issues, they no longer seemed to worry about his chances of survival. They refused to explain what happened, but those of faith, as we consider ourselves to be, attribute this to a miracle. After he was born, the miracles continued. Aside from a few “smaller” issues (compared to what was originally discussed), Ty is perfect.  He is a healthy and beautiful baby boy.  We attribute this to J’s love and care, the doctors’ knowledge and capabilities, and to prayer.  God’s hand is evident in every part of this story.

We are completely in love with Tyler.  Our lives are completely different because of this perfect little being.  From the second we laid eyes on him the love was overwhelming.  Not only have we gained a beautiful son, we have a bond with his birth family that we could have never imagined and for which we are truly grateful.  He is loved more than we can put into words, by us, J, family, friends, even perfect strangers who have heard his story.  We are so thrilled to begin our lives with Tyler surrounded by such an outpouring of love.  The only way our story is possibly is through God.
If each adoption story is truly a “love story”, then it’s clear to us who the author of ours is.


Linda & Dave Punch - WOW!! thanks for sharing your beautiful story and pictures of your son. Tyler is so handsome. He will fit in with the rest of the Hronick males.!! We are so thankful that prayers were answered for J, Tyler and your family. God is good!! Hugs to all.

Carolyn McHardy - This video is incredibly beautiful–thank you so much for sharing it! God has so wondrously blessed all of you–Mike, Kelly, “J” and especially little Tyler–because of your hearts being wide open to accept His gift of love and life! As Linda Punch said, we are so happy for the way everyone’s prayers have been answered, and that Tyler is so strong and healthy. There is no other joy like this!!

Holly - Wish you lived in California =)

Rita McEntire - This was truly the most touching adoption/birth story I have ever witnessed, possibly the most touching story I have ever witnessed….I am still crying….thank you for doing what you do, you are a truly amazing, gifted photographer. You were born to do what you do.

Traci Smith - I have watched this video countless times and cry every time. As an adoptive family in waiting, it gives me hope. As friends of Kelly and Mike, it brings me so much joy. Thank you for a beautiful, priceless glimpse into their incredible day when they met their son.

Laura - That may possibly be in our near future…. stay tuned!

Jacki - I just wept watching this! What an incredible story!

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